WikiNews -February 4 2016

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The news according to Wikipedia, with special guest: best friend Katrina von Data. This week’s highlights include removing “yum baby corn is delicious” from Wikipedia’s site for baby corn, and a differentiation between “object sexuality” and “fetishism.” http://listen.hatnote.com/ WikiNews -February 4 2016 by Cfurvolunteer on Mixcloud

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Ab-Original – 20160202 – Building Bridges


Addressing concerns. An appeal to the universality of questions, problems, solutions, issues, and beyond. The negatives and positives of Righteous Indignation. Tune in on 88.7 CFUR FM in Prince George, BC, Canada. Traditional Territory of the Lheidli T’enneh   pic credit: https://desertpeace.wordpress.com

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WikiNews – January 28 2016

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The news according to Wikipedia. This week’s notable edits include “froot loops can also be a person that is stupid. Just so you know” to Wikipedia’s site for Froot Loops. Congratulations to Macedonia for setting the record for highest improvement on Europe’s health care index due to its introduction of[…]

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