Student Needs Approved!


            Yesterday, the Students Needs Committee (through councillor Jillian Merrick) proposed 6 ideas to City Council regarding ideas that students from UNBC, CNC, and SD57 wanted to see implemented. The Committee itself is made up from leadership students selected from each institution, and they meet multiple times[…]

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The Fresh Sheet (Take Over #3) : #23

Brain Takeover

Exploring the new hits of artistes from all over the place who’s hometowns are as diverse as the music they play. Enjoy another set from Ze Brain on the take over. One small step in music, a giant leap for and towards world domination. Enjoy the tunes.

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WikiNews -July 21 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 11.10.55 AM

The news according to Wikipedia’s most recent edits. This episode’s notable edits include 1) Kraft paper is used for paper bags and as the backing to sandpaper, 2) Ted Cruz self-immolated by pouring gasoline on himself and lighting a match during this week’s Republican National Convention, and 3) iOS users[…]

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