Due North Interview with Dr. Oscar Venter

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Due North had Dr. Oscar Venter in the studio to discuss his research on the human impact on the environment. Dr.Venter highlights how the economic rate is growing but yet the environment impact is not keeping pace with it, could this mean we are getting more efficient? Dr. Venter explains[…]

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CFUR Top 5 – Week of August 30, 2016


WOW! Check out these beauties! # 1 De La Soul – And the Anonymous Nobody https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmpGJ7P_xsw # 2 The Frightnrs – Nothing More To Say   # 3 The Warlocks – Songs From the Pale Eclipse   # 4 Morgan Delt – Phase Zero Phase Zero by Morgan Delt # 5 Pill – Convenience “Convenience”[…]

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WikiNews -August 24 2016

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Realtime news according to Wikipedia’s most recent edits. This episode’s notable edits include: 1) The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum is scheduled to open in 2017 2) Wikipedia’s website for “Racewalking” suffers from link rot, which occurs when a website has multiple dead links 3) Wikipedia’s List of Nicknames[…]

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WikiNews – August 18 2016

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Realtime news according to Wikipedia edits. This week’s notable edits include: 1) “Mumblecore is a subgenre of independent film characterized by naturalistic acting and dialogue…. Mumblegore has been used for mixing mumblecore and horror genres,” 2) On Wikipedia’s list of Concerns and Controversies at the 2016 Olympic Games, “the Australian[…]

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