Ether in The Attic – Episode #126: Wheels Need Grease – 20160530

images 6.17.20 PM

Rotating objects across the universe must do so with the awareness that they will eventually succumb to friction The stones that separate us all will eventually turn to sand. That is unless, enough lubrication is provided, so vehicle operator GREASE THEM WHEELS, and do it to this soundtrack. Pic Credit: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/psychedelic-wheel-kris-woo.html

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City Council revokes business licence

Photo By Grant Bachand

City council was in quasi judicial hearing where the city would decide weather to up hold City Planner Ian Wells decision to suspend the business licence of Connaught Motor Inn. Suspension of the business licence is for 3 months and the suspension will stay in force until all the city[…]

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Fort McMurray Fire

Photo from Global News Coverage

***Updated information as of 05.30.2016*** Victims of the Fort McMurray Fire can are expected to return to Fort McMurray as of June 1st and the last of the people should be back by June 15th; this according Alberta Government.Electricity has been restored to 90% of the community, including outlying areas[…]

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